Numerix on Android is an abstract game of skill and chance for two players.


The concept is simple: roll three dice and place or move a piece according to that roll. The chance is in your dice. The skill is in picking which move to take. Sometimes the move that you take may not be the one you had hoped for, but your opponents will be in the same boat....

Numerix on Android is based on the board game by Tied To A Kite. The conversion to the Android platform has several benefits, including:

  • Computer Opponent. The Artificial Intelligence engine has been honed to put up a good fight, with varying degrees of sneakiness depending on which level of difficulty you choose.

  • Two Player modes including 'hot-seat', Bluetooth and Networked communications.

  • Tournament play. Show your Numerix prowess by winning the Tourney.

  • Demo mode - watch two computers battle it out for Numerix supremacy!




In the Tournament Edition of Numerix, the game reaches new heights. We've kept the challenging AI from Lite Edition, and added 9-counter mode for longer, more strategic games along with new Wireless and Bluetooth multiplayer modes.

Play against your friends - instantly. This first release includes 3 complete new graphical looks for the game - Space, Gothic and LilyPond - with more to come.

We'll be updating regularly with new graphical packs and very soon, online matchmaking - play against anyone on the Internet in ranked matches.